Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to start with it?

The visit to the States for any person is possible only by obtaining either an American visa, a visitor’s visa or by Esta visa. The information for all such visa is available at U.S Government portals or websites. In addition to this the several independent websites are also there where you can get the details for application for visa. It is up to you to choose a suitable place for yourself to apply for the same.

The different kinds of visa options

It is for our knowledge to identify the kinds of visa available and then choose the most suitable in your case. The visitor visa is granted on temporary basis depending on the purpose of the trip. There is (B-1) visa for business purpose, (B-2) visa for leisure or medical need and (B-1/B-2) visa for the mixture of the above two purposes. The other type is ESTA visa that is granted to the nationals of countries falling under U.S VWP (Visa Waiver Program). There are 37 such countries whom U.S has coveredin their program.Under this visa the national can stay put in U.S for a period of 3 months maximum. If the citizen belongs to such countries then they can travel simply under this visa. Moreover such citizens can get esta visa easily on a short notice too. All these factors make esta visa a better choice for the travellers in case they are from VWP country.

How can the websites help?

There are many websites dedicated to help you to obtain a visa for America. They put out all the general and important information necessary for the application.The traveller can apply here for esta visa assistance and submission. ESTA is short form for electronic system for travel authorisation. It offers a lot of guidance about ESTA and the eligibility criteria for the individuals. This service is but of course chargeable. On the other hand the government portals do not charge for such guidance. When it comes to choosing independent websites one can get prompt customer service though. This would be helpful in case your application has errors. These websites are with you from filling up of the form till successful submission of the same. It thus secures your chances to travel to U.S. The expenditure on the services of the websites are unimportant when you receive a valid authorization from the government.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Howcan people with previous convictions travel to U.S?

There is a possibility of you being convicted for a certain crime in the past. Your trip to the States can be affected by your past police records. Since the traveller needs to make a visit for any specific purpose it is necessary to discloseany such conviction records. This would curtail their chance to travel without visa under the ESTA procedure. It should be noted that citizens who get ESTA need not apply for the formal U.S visa application. ESTA America is an mechanised hassle free way to get entry to U.S provided you are a native of U.S visa waiver country.

What is the system to undertake a trip to U.S?

There are some legal formalities that one needs to fulfil before they are granted travel permission. Since 2009 the U.S government has imposed a travel authorisation on all the international travellers.This is a special benefit given to citizen of those countries who fall under Visa Waiver Program. It is called ESTA under which all the travels made either bysea or by plane have to be passed by the ESTA authorisation. The authorisation is compulsory for all the VWP nationals. It allows residence of up to 90 days to an authorised traveller. Irrespective of the purpose of visit or the country of the native the verification is for one and all. This type of authorisation can be obtained by filling out an online application for ESTA visa. There is a processing fee attached to it which has to be submitted along with the form.

The procedure for convicts

It is impossible to travel visa less under the U.S waiver program if anyone has as a crime record. It should be known that Rehabilitation of Offenders Act does not apply in case of U.S visa. Thus they have to apply here for U.S visa application instead of ESTA visa. There are some exceptions though. The first one is that the person was under 18 years of age at the time of crime. Secondly there was only one such crime committed or convicted for. Thirdly the offender was convicted and released at least 5 years before the destined travel. Lastly the duration of the sentence should not have exceeded one year of imprisonment. In this situation a past convict is still eligible for ESTA and can travel without U.S visa.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Travel To US Made Easy With The Help Of Esta Visa

 Travel is fun

Travelling from anywhere to anywhere be fun if you have the spirit of adventure and it acquires a special meaning when you travel out of your own country. This is because you are about to experience a new place, a new culture and new people. This is why people love to travel – the experiencing new things. You might not be discovering new things but for you they are new. Also when you travel to another country, you end up paying a lot of money so you would want an unforgettable experience.

 Travel tips

With the security becoming tight in all countries, all tourists and visitors to a foreign land are scrutinized. This includes an extensive checking of the luggage as well. When travelling to the US, be sure to read all the rules thoroughly. Do not carry things which are on the list of restricted items. Make sure you have medical insurance for medical treatment is very expensive in the US and you   would not want to add to your financial burdens. Also be aware of the customs of the country so as not to hurt sentiments by your behavior or dressing style.

 Visa waiver program

When your travel destination is another country, you need to have the permission from the country to allow you to visit it. This is known as the visa. The US has a list of countries which are a part of its visa waiver program. If you are a citizen of any one of those 35 countries on the waiver list, you can enter the country without a visa. But whether you are a business visitor or a tourist, your travel plan must be for less than 90 days.

Of late the United States government has introduced esta or electronic system for travel application. Your esta USA application must be approved before you board your plane to the US. For your application to be approved, you need to have a valid passport (it should remain valid for 6 months after your stay in US is over).

Your period of visit is also restricted to 90 days or less and you must have bought your return tickets. Also you need to show proof that you can finance your stay in the country. Any prior incidents of violation of admission policy are not viewed lightly and can become the reason for refusal of approval.